Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guatemalan Trio

We (Frank, Klaire, and Talia) just cupped three coffees right now:

1. Guatemala FTO
2. Guatemala COMAL
3. Guatemala Finca Sabanetas

Guatemala FTO: This has tremendous acidity, creamy and milky mouthfeel, oatmeal and maple sweetness. When it cools down, there is an explosion of chocolate that takes over the fragrance and flavor.

Guatemala COMAL: This is a limited edition coffee that is a huge favorite at Chazzano Coffee. There is a pronounced honey sweetness, oak-like woodiness, chocolate bark, chocolate mousse smoothness. This is a crazy bright coffee where there is a great amount of dancing on your tongue.

Guatemala Finca Sabanetas: The fragrance while still hot has every winter spice imaginable: cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg. There is low acidity (brightness) in this Guatemalan. When it cools it you'll experience malted milk balls and licorice notes.

I just cupped the Guatemala FTO as an iced pourover. It has a Kahlua and milk syrupy sweetness. We're going to try a 12-hour Cold Brew of the Guatemala. Come in and try it tomorrow.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

We're One Year Old!

I'm roasting Costa Rica Tarrazu Santa Laura now. It's truly bringing a tear to my eyes, because it is the first coffee that I roasted 10 years ago. My wonderful mother-in-law always sends a nice check every October in honor of my birthday. Ten years ago, with that act of lovingkindness, I bought a small Fresh Roast Plus from thecoffeeproject.com, a great home roaster's site. After roasting a small 2-3 oz. portion of green coffee beans, I immediately ground them for French Press and tasted a coffee that was syrupy, chocolaty, and nutty. It was the best coffee ever-just like a fine glass of wine. Thus began my journey and my passion for coffee roasting.

I want to thank you, our loyal customers, for helping us to reach this one year anniversary. There is a blessing that Jews say when we reach a special moment in our lives - Praised are You, L-rd, our G-d, King of the Universe, who gives us life, who sustains us, and brings us to this (special) time.

Please come in today and tomorrow and say hello. If you find the coupon on the website, print it out, and we'll take 50% off of all of your purchases on Thursday and Friday (21 and 22). www.chazzanocoffee.com

Thank you,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

You don't have to be Jewish to drink coffee at Chazzano Cafe at the J

We're opening Chazzano Cafe at the J at the JCC of West Bloomfield on August 25. We'll be open from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday through Thursday, 6:30 a.m.-3p.m. Friday, and Sunday 9 a.m.-8 p.m.

Many people have asked the question, "Do you have to be Jewish to go to the JCC (Jewish Community Center) of West Bloomfield?" The answer is definitely, NO! There is a tremendous amount of parking, at least 50 seats at the cafe including 15 seats at the coffee bar, and some awesome food next door at Jerusalem Pizza. Just walk in and say, "We're going to the cafe" and you're in. I hope that many of Chazzano's customers who live and work around the West Bloomfield area will visit us frequently for the same crazy fresh roasted coffee that you will find in Ferndale.

While you're at your computer, please Vote 4 the Best Coffee Shop in Detroit here: http://ctvr.us/chazzano

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lapsang Souchang-New Black Tea

I often joke (a bit) that G-d drinks Ethiopia Harrar and the angels drink Kona. I have an addition-G-d definitely drinks the Lapsang Souchang. This black tea has a rich color, and a smoky, caramelly, campfire smoke aroma. It will either produce a strong reaction of distaste or pure joy. With Lapsang Souchang, there are no moderate opinions. This is the most interesting around and it reminds me of fresh roasted French Roast coffee.

The origins of this tea come from a story from the Qinq era (Manchu Dynasty-1644 to 1912 C.E.). It is believed that the passage of armies delayed the usual time of drying the tea. Therefore, they didn't want to disappoint everyone, so they dried the tea, unnaturally over a fire. Our Lapsang Souchang tea has been dried and roasted over Asian pine. All of our tea comes from Zen Tea Traders in Royal Oak. Go to their website for more information. www.zenteatraders.com

Roaster brews up new career | detnews.com | The Detroit News

Roaster brews up new career | detnews.com | The Detroit News

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The "Americano"

Recently, I have been experimenting with the "Americano," half espresso and half hot water. Many of you have been ordering this beverage and commenting on how great it tastes and how wonderful the crema looks. From where did the name "Americano" come? During WWII, our GIs in Europe were not used to the small cup of coffee that was extremely strong, the espresso. Some may have been given a "ristretto" which is the first couple of seconds of the espresso pour. Remember, espresso bars and specialty coffee roasters were not the norm before the advent of Starbucks. Therefore, the baristas diluted the espresso with hot water to make it more palatable to our men and women in the armed forces. When they came back from the war, they began to ask for an "Americano."
The perfect recipe for an "Americano" is freshly roasted coffee for the espresso, followed by a perfectly pulled double shot of espresso. What temperature should the hot water be and what is the ratio of espresso to hot water desired? Let us know if you have a particular way that you like your "Americano."

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Tea Offerings! Matcha, Sencha, Pu-Err, and White Peony

Chazzano Coffee Roasters is now offering the freshest tea around, courtesy of Zen Tea Traders, a Royal Oak company. We offer 4 awesome green teas, Matcha, Pu-err, Sencha, and White Peony.

Matcha is a powdered tea used as a Japanese Ceremonial Tea. It is an intensely fresh green tea, whipped into a froth like the milk used for cappuchino. I am enjoying as a refreshing iced beverage that is filled with anti-oxidants. Our matcha is also organic. A luscious green concoction.

The White Peony tea is full of flavor and is lovely iced or hot. The Sencha has fantastic fresh notes of peas, asparagus, and broccoli. As a dry loose leaf, it looks like your grass cuttings, but it explodes with freshness.

Finally, there is an argument brewing (get it?), concerning the question: Is Pu-err green or black tea? Much that I have read points to the fact that Pu-err begins as a Green tea and is often mislabeled as a black tea because of its notes and dark color. Green or Black-why can't we all just get along? Our Pu-err from Zen Tea Traders, is rich, bold green(black?) tea that is aged over 4 years in a cave or underground.

Coffee and tea have a crazy amount of anti-oxidants. I'll never promote the many health benefits that have been promoted by the media and health professionals. I just promote how a great cup of tea or coffee enhances the quality of your life.

Barbara Gulley has shared this information on her blog on The Detroit Tea Examiner.
Also, here's a video demonstration for the preparation of matcha from the awesome owner of Zen Tea Traders, Anthony Capobianco. Here's the Video

Friday, February 26, 2010

Kosher for Passover Coffee and Decaffeinated Coffee

Chazzano Coffee Roasters' Coffee is Kosher for Passover, even the organic decaffeinated coffee. All of the decaffeinated coffee that Chazzano Coffee sells is organic, decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process (a British Columbia company). We will guarantee delivery in time for your Seder, if ordered one week before Passover. Chazzano Coffee is certified kosher by the Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit.

What makes coffee not Kosher, and not Kosher for Passover? Some coffee is decaffeinated using chemicals, paint strippers (no, really), Methyl Chloride and Ethyl Acetate. Beyond my disgust with using chemicals to remove the caffeine, the chemicals created a nasty taste in the cup.
The chemicals used in some decaffeinated coffees are not considered Kosher for Passover. There are coffee roasters who add various other food products, like soy beans (which look like coffee when roasted), into the coffee bean mixture to add more weight to the coffee. Anyone who knows my feelings about adding sugar, cream, or flavorings to my coffee, know that Chazzano Coffee Roasters would never participate in such sacrilege. With Chazzano Coffee, all you get is 100% fresh roasted coffee. Finally, what makes coffee kosher? When the local or national council of Orthodox Rabbis have inspected it and certified it as Kosher.

When I discovered the organic Swiss Water Process method of removing the caffeine from coffee, I created a Decaf Extravaganza Blend that was incredible. After drinking this new blend for 4 days, I developed a sudden throbbing headache. The decaf coffee was so incredible, that I didn't need the caffeinated coffee. Now, I dare you to tell the difference between the Decaf Peru and my caffeinated selections.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Do you have a little nosh? Some Biscotti?

The most popular question at Chazzano Coffee Roasters is: Do you have a little nosh? Some Biscotti? No Food?

I answer definitively, but with a smile on my face: We will never have food. I want you to truly appreciate the different notes of the coffee. If you had some great biscotti with your Ethiopia Harrar, you would not notice the lovely notes of blueberry, cherry, pipe tobacco, with a red wine finish. Some Mandel bread with your Guatemala COMAL would make you forget the dark cocoa notes of that great coffee. Will a delicious cup cake with your Kenya AA hurt your chance to explore the fruity notes of apricot, caramel, apple, grapefruit, chocolate oranges, with a half&half-like finish? Absolutely.
After roasting, grinding, and brewing coffee for 10 years, I still smile when the fragrance of freshly ground coffee flows through the air. I want you to experience that fragrance when you visit us at the cafe.
A few months ago, a customer asked, "Is the reason that you don't have food in the cafe because you want your customers to appreciate the nuances of the coffee?" I'll remember that for a long time.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

To Freeze or Not to Freeze, that is the question

This is one of the top five questions that I am asked every single day at Chazzano Coffee Roasters: What do you think about freezing coffee? Here is my answer.

Unless you are a scientist living in Antarctica for several months and it is difficult to receive regular shipments of fresh roasted coffee, you should NOT freeze your coffee. You should find a local roaster who delivers and roasts fresh roasted specialty coffee, daily. When you request coffee by the pound at our cafe, I will ask you, "How quickly do you expect to consume this coffee?" If the answer is more than two weeks, then I will suggest that you buy less coffee.

The problem with freezing coffee is that it does not adequately slow down the aging process of the coffee. The natural aromatics, awakened by the freshness and expert roasting, begin to dissipate immediately when it is roasted. Refrigerating coffee is even a greater sin. There is too much chance of the aromatics of the coffee becoming tainted by the other food smells of the refrigerator. Coffee has a shelf life of 2-3 weeks, the most. So, before you even think about putting that coffee in the freezer- buy a small amount of coffee from your favorite local roaster, instead.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fox2 Early Show

The Fox2 Early Show staff decorated the set with great creativity.

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