Sunday, January 31, 2010

To Freeze or Not to Freeze, that is the question

This is one of the top five questions that I am asked every single day at Chazzano Coffee Roasters: What do you think about freezing coffee? Here is my answer.

Unless you are a scientist living in Antarctica for several months and it is difficult to receive regular shipments of fresh roasted coffee, you should NOT freeze your coffee. You should find a local roaster who delivers and roasts fresh roasted specialty coffee, daily. When you request coffee by the pound at our cafe, I will ask you, "How quickly do you expect to consume this coffee?" If the answer is more than two weeks, then I will suggest that you buy less coffee.

The problem with freezing coffee is that it does not adequately slow down the aging process of the coffee. The natural aromatics, awakened by the freshness and expert roasting, begin to dissipate immediately when it is roasted. Refrigerating coffee is even a greater sin. There is too much chance of the aromatics of the coffee becoming tainted by the other food smells of the refrigerator. Coffee has a shelf life of 2-3 weeks, the most. So, before you even think about putting that coffee in the freezer- buy a small amount of coffee from your favorite local roaster, instead.

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