Friday, February 26, 2010

Kosher for Passover Coffee and Decaffeinated Coffee

Chazzano Coffee Roasters' Coffee is Kosher for Passover, even the organic decaffeinated coffee. All of the decaffeinated coffee that Chazzano Coffee sells is organic, decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process (a British Columbia company). We will guarantee delivery in time for your Seder, if ordered one week before Passover. Chazzano Coffee is certified kosher by the Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit.

What makes coffee not Kosher, and not Kosher for Passover? Some coffee is decaffeinated using chemicals, paint strippers (no, really), Methyl Chloride and Ethyl Acetate. Beyond my disgust with using chemicals to remove the caffeine, the chemicals created a nasty taste in the cup.
The chemicals used in some decaffeinated coffees are not considered Kosher for Passover. There are coffee roasters who add various other food products, like soy beans (which look like coffee when roasted), into the coffee bean mixture to add more weight to the coffee. Anyone who knows my feelings about adding sugar, cream, or flavorings to my coffee, know that Chazzano Coffee Roasters would never participate in such sacrilege. With Chazzano Coffee, all you get is 100% fresh roasted coffee. Finally, what makes coffee kosher? When the local or national council of Orthodox Rabbis have inspected it and certified it as Kosher.

When I discovered the organic Swiss Water Process method of removing the caffeine from coffee, I created a Decaf Extravaganza Blend that was incredible. After drinking this new blend for 4 days, I developed a sudden throbbing headache. The decaf coffee was so incredible, that I didn't need the caffeinated coffee. Now, I dare you to tell the difference between the Decaf Peru and my caffeinated selections.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Do you have a little nosh? Some Biscotti?

The most popular question at Chazzano Coffee Roasters is: Do you have a little nosh? Some Biscotti? No Food?

I answer definitively, but with a smile on my face: We will never have food. I want you to truly appreciate the different notes of the coffee. If you had some great biscotti with your Ethiopia Harrar, you would not notice the lovely notes of blueberry, cherry, pipe tobacco, with a red wine finish. Some Mandel bread with your Guatemala COMAL would make you forget the dark cocoa notes of that great coffee. Will a delicious cup cake with your Kenya AA hurt your chance to explore the fruity notes of apricot, caramel, apple, grapefruit, chocolate oranges, with a half&half-like finish? Absolutely.
After roasting, grinding, and brewing coffee for 10 years, I still smile when the fragrance of freshly ground coffee flows through the air. I want you to experience that fragrance when you visit us at the cafe.
A few months ago, a customer asked, "Is the reason that you don't have food in the cafe because you want your customers to appreciate the nuances of the coffee?" I'll remember that for a long time.