Friday, July 15, 2011

New Nicaragua Maragogype Las Nubes Andrea Castro

If you haven't read my last blog about this awesome and unique coffee, you should. I just cupped the Nicaragua Las Nubes and it is incredibly interesting. Here are the cupping notes:

As a Full City (medium) roast, you'll experience fruit forward notes, with a sweet scotch and winey finish.

The Vienna Roast (dark) is the most interesting: Cinnamon, French toast, chocolate, tremendous sweetness, maple syrup, and caramel.

I'm roasting this limited edition, never to be tasted again, coffee, fresh to order. I will custom roast your pound of coffee, either Full City, Vienna, or French Roast.

$40/lb. Whole Bean or Ground for French Press or Drip

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nicaragua and Coffee Mathematics


The 32lbs. of Nicaragua Maragogype Las Nubes (the Clouds) from the Andrea Castro farm from the Matagalpa region will arrive tomorrow!

Why is this coffee so special? There are a plethora of reasons. When we cupped the coffee, we tasted notes of banana, peach, chocolate, marzipan, salsa, and much more. In short, it was like manna falling from the heavens. We also bought the entire crop of 38 lbs. The Andrea Costra farm is owned by women; the coffee is picked and sorted by women. The coffee is sun-dried or dry-processed/natural processed which helps bring out the crazy fruity notes . The coffee is strictly high grown (SHG) which means that it is grown above 1200 meters above sea level. It takes high grown coffee a longer time to develop, therefore increasing the tremendous flavor. Strictly high grown coffee beans and extremely fertile soil is a great formula for amazing coffee.

Why were women chosen to be the president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer of the Las Nubes Cooperative? They were believed to be more prudent! My 38 lbs. was so precious that they did not use machines to sort out the bad coffee beans, they didn't want the good coffee to be damaged.

Why did Andrea Castro have such a small crop of 38 lbs? Some coffee farmers are so poor that they cannot afford fertilizer for their crops. The lack of fertilizer causes farmers to produce lower yields. Andrea Castro works on other farms to help support her family and to help sustain her own farm. The partnership with Gold Mountain Coffee Roasters, Las Nubes, and Chazzano Coffee Roasters is allowing Andrea and other coop members to receive the highest return on their coffee. Chazzano Coffee is hoping to continue to help Andrea and other farmers of this coffee cooperative produce higher yields and bring more money home to their families.

Roasting Mathematics:
Did you know that every pound of coffee that we roast shrinks 20%? I need to roast about 1.2 lbs. of coffee to produce 1lb. of coffee. When I roast 132lbs. of coffee from those huge jute bags, it produces only 106 lbs. of roasted coffee. Therefore, the 32 lbs. of green beans from the Nicaragua Maragogype Las Nubes Andrea Castro farm will produce, after roasting, only 25.6 lbs. of roasted coffee!

Nicaragua Maragogype Las Nubes (Cooperative) Andrea Castro (farm) Matagalpa Region:

Large cup of this coffee: $4.50
Small cup of this coffee: $3.25

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Chazzano Mystery Blend

Many of our customers ask, how do you create your blends and why? The answer is that some of our blends are purely accidental. For example, six months ago, I accidentally mixed Decaf Peru with Ethiopia Harrar. The result was terribly bland. I left it languishing on my green bean shelves until Friday. I wanted to roast the Indonesia Bali and perhaps experiment with the roast profile. I placed about 5 lbs. of Indonesia Bali in the top hopper, forgot about it, and then placed the Decaf Peru/Harrar mixture on top of that. I realized what I had done, roasted the Indonesia Bali /Decaf Peru/ Ethiopia Harrar to full city, and cupped the result.

This blend is awesome when it cools- notes of raspberries, pineapple, and brown sugar. Ask for a cold brew of the Mystery Blend today and tomorrow. One of the best blends we've created, ever.